Sunday, September 11, 2011

“The Diesel” Takes the Field

Our young Michael has gone by many names since he came home to be with us…

His Gamma calls him “Sweetheart”, his Papa calls him “Buddy”.

From the beginning his

Great~Uncle David bestowed upon him the nick~name

“The Diesel”


his size and his apparent future with the NFL.

Now, I must take this moment to confess that as his Gamma

I do not

look forward to him being bowled over by some larger ball player…

or piled on by any number of them…


I have been informed

by the power’s that be

(his Papa)

there will be absolutely NO Gamma’s allowed on the field to sling those other players off my boy…

So on with our story,

this year my Lil’ Sweetheart

has been signed up for

“Flag Football”

I’m guessing this is to teach

him the rules of the game,

and just be his first step towards

the NFL…


and it’s probably a good introduction for the Gamma to see how much the little one likes it…

So maybe as he grows and pads up she will less likely be the

12th player on the field.

Enough talk let’s take a look at some pictures as

The Diesel takes the field!







Michael and his best friend



After the first game it has been reported that …

Michael Loved it!!!

So, I guess all you SEC schools and NFL teams…

You’d better be on the look~out

‘cause here comes

The Diesel !!!

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